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    My core belief in therapy work is that we are all on a journey as we move through life. We come into this world with lessons to be learned, and throughout our journey, Divine Intention presents us with opportunities to learn those lessons time and time again. Our inability or refusal to fully accept these lessons is at the core of much of our pain. Through my work, I’ve witnessed that often the most important lesson people need to learn is to love and value themselves, just as they are.

    “That’s not possible for me,” you say. “I am too damaged, too difficult, too overweight, too this or too that.” I am here to tell you, “No, you are not.” You are just as the Divine has made you.

    As I work with clients, I continually seek attunement with Divine Intention. I ask for the gift to share with clients the knowledge that they need at this moment to help them move forward. I challenge clients, and I tell them things they may not want to hear. I strive to help them understand that they are enough and they matter, just as they are, despite whatever challenges have brought them to therapy.

    With our lessons learned, life changes dramatically. You can live authentically, following the path that is right for you. You can express yourself freely, and find the work that matters to you. You can love your partner freely, and accept their love in return. You are empowered to find peace within yourself, and experience life with more grace and ease. This is my goal for our work together.

    Frances T. Spillane, LMHC

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