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  • "You Deserve A Cherishing Relationship."

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    Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time and energy. But schedules get busy, work is stressful, and all of the sudden, you don’t even know the person next to you. Or you’re locked in the same conflict about the same things, again. You both deserve more from your marriage. Couples counseling can help you heal, connect and grow, together.

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    Whether you are seeking help for yourself, or for your relationship, I look forward to working with you. My authenticity, compassion and unconditional positive regard for clients supports their honest exploration of their most important issues. You deserve a cherishing relationship, with yourself and with your partner. I am committed to providing a safe therapy space for people of all colors, genders and orientations.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    View commonly asked questions related to therapy with us, and psychotherapy in general. Your active participation and dedication is crucial to your success.
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    Rates & Insurance

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    “Fran was warm and attentive, gently working with me to understand EMDR and create my own process to use it for healing. She was able to honor my misgivings and provide ample space to make sure I was the one leading our encounters. Fran empowered me to work through difficult situations and emotions by placing trust in myself. I highly recommend working with her, especially if you need to re-establish self-trust and tackle some heavy pieces of your story.”

    – Emily H.

    “When I started seeing Fran, I was skeptical about talking to anyone but she has changed my life by helping me in so many ways. She helped me figure out years of problems that I didn’t even know was tearing me up inside and because of her I am a better mom, wife, friend and I feel I am an all around better person. I owe her a world of gratitude and my only regret is I wish I started seeing Fran sooner.”

    – Jacqueline

    “Fran’s compassionate competence and down-to-earth style created a safe space for us to utilize EMDR to address past trauma. She was a dedicated and enthusiastic partner in my healing process. With Fran, I came to realize how resilient I had been–and still am.”

    – Jen M.