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    Individual Therapy

    You know your marriage is in trouble. You know you need help. But your partner refuses to go to couples counseling. Now what?

    Let me show you how to be a better partner. I teach individuals the same skills I teach couples: appropriate self-esteem, healthy boundaries, and effective communication. In psychology, systems theory tells us that when one part of a system changes, the other parts also change. This means is that in many instances, when one person in the relationship changes, the other person also changes.

    When you have appropriate self-esteem, you regard your partner as an equal, neither more than nor less than you. You are equally worthy of the same respect. When you can hold healthy boundaries, you clearly understand what is and isn’t your responsibility, what you need to repair, and what you need to let go. When you can communicate effectively, you will make your needs clear, in a non-confrontational way. When you use these new tools in your marriage (or any relationship), tension or conflict can decrease, and communication can improve.

    This therapy is about taking responsibility for “your side of the road.” Whether or not you spouse changes, you will feel stronger, more confident, and in control of yourself.

    Individual therapy is $225 per 55-minute session (I do not take insurance).